Joomlashack Extensions

This template comes with 2 commercial extensions for free: Shackslides and Shack Editorial Calendar.

Shack Slides

ShackSlides is the way to intensify your site with images that have style, are fully-responsive and have awesome effects.

We use Shackslides in the slideshow for the Novitas demo.

Documentation for Shack Slides



Shack Editorial Calendar

Shack Editorial Calendar is best editorial calendar for Joomla.

We use Shack Editorial Calendar in the Novitas Backend.

Documentation for Shack Editorial Calendar

Important Update Information

If you are buying this template to install on your site for the first time, this information is not relevant to you.  You may move along.....

It is highly recommended that those owners / users of previous Impacto versions uninstall their existing template prior to installing this new version.

This template is not an 'update' to the previous versions, but rather, it is a completely new build / template.

Any customizations to CSS will have to be redone, as this template makes use of new (responsive) classes and in most cases the classes that may have been customized previously will not coincide with any of the new classes.

Please be sure to keep a copy of your previously customized template, so that you may reference the changes to apply to the new version if needed.

Additionally, there are some new and different module position names introduced with this template that should be noted.

**It is not necessary to update to this version of Impacto** unless you want to get the new features provided with the update to the Wright v3, which you may read more about HERE

The version of Impacto last released, built on Wright v2, will continue to be supported and WILL work with Joomla 3.0 when it is released.

Please post any inquiries on this topic in the Impacto Forum.